Research and Development

Research and development are undoubtedly two of the great strengths of our company, positioning ourselves among the most important firms in Argentina. This is the result of our growth in the national and regional veterinary market.

Zoovet permanently invests many of its resources on new products research, mainly focused in developing practical and comfortable formulations based on specific active ingredients combinations and high efficiency for each type of pathology. That achieves unique therapeutic effects and determinates the cure of the treatments or the success of the zootechnical goals persecuted, as applicable.

Research and Development Department is always proposing innovative products launch, with unique formulations that are at the forefront of the latest scientific discoveries. For these reasons our slogan is “Zoovet, innovation and vanguard”, phrase that proudly marks the company policy since its birth until today.

A true obsession to satisfy our customers demands, determines the fact that Zoovet is launching 5 to 6 new products per year, a difficult number to achieve worldwide. Some of the unique and innovative products we can mention are: MAS D3, Hemoshock, Cefafur Acute Mastitis, Cefafur Dry, FIP Forte; Algidol Duo Tablets, Tilmicofull Spray, Integral Treatment, TDF 35, among others. All of them are the perfect example of a determined and creative work that makes us different in the understanding of the business needs.

Experience in product development and in-depth knowledge of the active ingredients, underpinned by last generation measurement techniques and GMP norms, confirmed by laboratory tests and field tests, give birth to this family of products that ensures efficiency, safety and reliability. The preference for our brand by professionals and commercial channels ratifies Zoovet products quality and indicates that we are in the right direction.