The Company / Plants

La empresa

The company has five segregated elaboration plants. Four of them located in the PTLC - CERIDE in Santa Fe City: Hormonal, beta-lactams, General & External and Prociclar, and the fifth one, in San Martin, Buenos Aires. All the plants are enabled and certified by SENASA with GMP (Certificate No. 001-2012).

  • General and External Plant: 1600 m2 (Habilitation 2008)
  • Beta-lactams Plant: 300 m2 (Habilitation in 2010)
  • Hormonal Plant: 300 m2 (Habilitation in 2010)
  • Pro Ciclar Plant: 400 m2 (Habilitation in 2012)
  • Smart warehouse: 600 m2 (Habilitation in 2013)
  • San Martin Plant: 225m2 (Habilitation in 2013)