The Company / History

La empresa
  • Zoovet was born in 1997 in Santa Fe city, Argentina, to provide veterinarians products that solve their problems in an effective and economic way.

    Our company is a 100% national capital one and distributes its products all over the Argentinian Territory, in order to satisfy the customers‘ needs. Since 2014 we have begun to market our products online, so Patagonia Argentina clients can enjoy Zoovet quality.

  • In its beginnings, Zoovet outsourced the manufacture of the products in other laboratories located in Buenos Aires and Rosario. Today, after fifteen years of constant work, we have our own production plants. Four of them are located in the PTLC - CERIDE in Santa Fe City: Hormonal, Beta-Lactams, General & External and Pro-Ciclar. All reach GMP norms, certified by SENASA in 2012 (Certificate No. 001-2012). The fifth plant is also enabled and certified by SENASA and is located in San Martin, Buenos Aires.
  • International Openness
  • In 2004 Zoovet began to invest in the foreign trade area, making our first exports to Republic of Paraguay, Bolivia, Uruguay, Nicaragua, Panamá, Peru, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Mexico, Honduras, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador and Venezuela.

    Since 2014 we have started a new phase: conquering markets in Africa, Asia and Oceania. Nowadays, our products are being sold in United Arab Emirates, Oman and Afghanistan, and are being registered in Algeria, Malaysia, Egypt, Australia, Pakistan and Benin.

    Zoovet has 130 products registered in SENASA for domestic sales and over 140 registered abroad. International openness is an important project our company has together with permanent local investment.

La empresa

  • Teamwork
  • All the company´s working areas are fully updated on the development of their tasks, forming a dynamic, interconnected, creative and efficient teamwork.

    Zoovet has a solid teamwork composed by more than 120 young and proactive people. All of them are highly qualified in order to follow the procedures to obtain the best results, and assuming full responsibility and commitment.

  • Permanent investment
  • To fulfill the objectives, investment in machinery, equipment, buildings, advertising and human resources is fundamental and is one of our main aims.
  • Zoovet in other brands
  • Recently, Zoovet has started manufacturing products for other laboratories. They trust us and receive excellent quality, service, agility and dynamism, reaching very important competitive advantages.
  • A constant idea
  • Our priority is to offer one of the best services in the animal medicine sector, through our representative´s commercial training and the commitment of prioritizing veterinarian´s work.