The Company / GMP


  • GMP certificate
  • ZOOVET invested constantly in research and development of new products, new formulations and innovative presentations. This characteristic of the company, requires the incorporation of specialized professionals steadily, equipment and machinery of latest technology.

    Currently the company is working under the supervision of the stringent GMP standards (Good Manufacturing Practices), this achievement was obtained in 2012 and is a challenge to keep the daily fulfillment and improve every day.

    The standard certification extends to all of the segregated elaboration plants: Beta-lactams, Hormonals and General, under the GMP certificate number 001-2012.

  • Quality Control Department
  • HPLC

    The high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), is a technique used to separate components of a mixture based on the various types of chemical interactions between the analytes and the chromatographic column. Thus, allows determine the concentration and purity of certain substance. In Zoovet, we have already incorporated this technology, for the analysis of raw material and finished products. This allows a better quality control and allows us assure the customer an excellent product.

    Atomic Absorption

    Recently it has incorporated a dual-beam spectrophotometer equipment with automatic selection, has 4 lamps and it is controlled from a computer.

    This new acquisition, enables the multi-element analysis by atomic absorption and atomic emission, which allows the determination of 4 to 16 elements simultaneously from the same sample.

    This equipment allows a reduction of analysis time by up to 50% over the traditional method, because analyze various components of the sample before proceed to the next step, increases the selectivity and facilitates the analysis in different types of samples, for example, finished products, sera, plasma, etc.